Recently Completed Mangango, Zambia

Kandongo Community School, Mangango, Kaoma, Zambia

The Community School in Kandongo caters for approximately 200 children. These children come from the poorest families in the area and most are HIV/Aids orphans living with their Grandmother or extended family. If not for this community school they would have no chance of an education and therefore little hope for the future.

The original School/Shelter was built by the local community with their limited resources (as can be seen from the photographs this school is very basic) but none the less was operating effectively with voluntary teachers.

The major problem here was that during the rainy season the local river swells and becomes impassable for small children. This means that children going up to grade four in other schools were left without education.

The community members built a shelter to prevent the small children being affected by the flooding during rain season. Lives of smaller children were always being lost in the river when flooded as they tried to go to school. The shelter caters for the young grade one and two children.

Walls going up!

The New School Block will cater for all grades. The nearest school that was not affected by the flooding is about 15km away.

The completed School Block provides the following: Three Classroom, An Office and Storeroom.

The Day of the Opening

The Official Opening Ceremony was a great day for the people and children of Kandongo.

Kandongo Community School will be able to cater for a greater amount of young children seeking an education. This will result in a better chance for them to escape severe poverty.  The children will also be able to go to school in a safe and sound structure all year round.

The vulnerable children of the Kandongo area will now benefit immensely through their education which will give them hope for the future and the possibility of future employment and a better life for their families.