TOUCH Ireland Mwachilenga Community School Project 2021/22

Background to the project

Child life Zambia Community School is located at 16km from Lusaka in Mwachilenga (this is a given name of the Bemba tribe, meaning: an artistic creation).

As can be seen from the photo that this is an extremely poor area and the school is not fit to educate children. However the local community are trying to help themselves to educate their children

The school has over 280 children attending which 30 are double orphans and a lot of the other children are cared for by grandparents.

We were contacted by Child Life Zambia to see if we could support them with some food for the children. As you can see from our attached video link we carried out a food programme there and we were saddened at what we encountered both with the condition of the school and the poverty of the area. 

As a result we started to build them a new school in 2021. The New School will cost approx. €35,000.00.

School Opening
Click on Photo to see Video Of Mwachilenga Community School Construction