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Background to Project

Save Five Lives – Save Five Worlds

“Whosoever destroys one Life, it is as though he had destroyed the entire world. And whosoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved the entire world.”

This concept is an essential element of most religions whatever your faith is! It also has formed a major part of TOUCH Ireland’s Ethos. This coupled with Compassion and Dignity is what we try to achieve.

The difference between Compassion and Empathy

Both involve responding to other people’s emotions. Empathy is characterised by an awareness of other people’s emotional experiences and an attempt to feel those same emotions from their perspective. Compassion is characterised by the desire to take action to help the other person. This is what we try to do through our Projects/Child Sponsorship/Education Programmes for Vulnerable people.

Dignity: It is the right of a person to be valued and respected for their own sake, and to be treated ethically. 

Houses for Vulnerable Mothers

Through this project as an organisation, we have tried to show Compassion by our actions in providing these two young women and their children with good homes to live in and raise their children. As a result, we have also given them back their Dignity as valued members of society.

Inside Lucky and Lulu’s Houses

Each House has: A Livingroom, Kitchen, Two Bedrooms Bathroom and Toilet.

TOUCH Ireland began raising funds to build or buy a house for Lucky, Lulu and their children. Now after almost a year their houses are complete and they are all safe and secure.

Video of House Construction

It is now our intention with the support of sponsors to help with education of their children and support Lucky and Lulu with training so that they can be independent into the future.