Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to all our Volunteers at home and abroad, to all our Supporters and to all the Vulnerable Children/Youths that we support in ‘Our World’

It’s been another difficult year due to COVID but thanks to all for their continued support, kindness and compassion. Into the New Year we will continue with our Education, Food Support and Construction Projects for Vulnerable Children on your behalf! We can’t do any of this without your support,

Do you want to join Damien and Michael in making a difference?

We are raising money in aid of TOUCH Foundation Limited and the ethos of TOUCH Ireland is that all children have the right to food, shelter medication, and education. The aim of TOUCH is primarily to keep people alive and instill hope for their future. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause. We are traveling at our own expense and we can assure you that all funds raised are going directly towards the kids.


Hey Everyone! Happy new year! Do you want to get fit? Do you want something fun to focus on? Are you ready for a challenge? Will you join Team TOUCH Ireland, and help to make a difference to the children, teenagers and young adults in OUR World!! It’s an outdoor Event! Its RUNAMUCK2022. It’s on Saturday March the 5th. Its 5km Obstacle course in the mud!! In County Kildare. Will you join our team, and ask your friends/families/colleagues to sponsor you, and together we can help to make the world a better place for those that need it.All money raised from this event will be going directly to TOUCH Ireland! As always, no admin will be taken from anything that you raise. The money raised will be divided between Food Programmes in Zambia, Bangladesh and Nepal and Educational projects and young girl’s Health projects in the above countries too!Your involvement will definitely make a difference to so many people!We will keep you up to date of this afterwards and you really will see how your involvement can directly improve the lives of so many!To join please click on this link…https://www.njuko.net/runamuck2022/register/54700Team name:TOUCH IRELAND.Team entry 20+(Not solo entry)Discount code Touch Ireland(If you register before Sunday the 9th of January its €25 with the above code. Or €29 after that with the above code )We would really love you to join us, any questions at all, please phone Hazel on 0876767895 and/or Megan on 0851250755njuko.net2022 RUNAMUCK Challenge

Disaster Hits Mwachilenga School Block Fundraiser by TOUCH Ireland Foundation

For my Birthday on 5th February I want to try and raise funds to repair the Damaged Roof at Mwachilenga.Disaster Hits Mwachilenga School Block – Metal Girders and some Block Work Damaged!Mwachilenga Community School Project 2021 The School is located at 16km from Lusaka in Mwachilenga. This is an extremely poor area where the local community are trying to help themselves to educate their children. The new school will have over 300 children attending of which a lot are double orphans and a lot of the other children are cared for by grandparents.As can be seen from the photos there was major damage to our construction caused by a severe storm just after the New Year. The cost of repair will be just over €2,000.00. Needless to say that this was a cost we had not allowed for in these difficult fundraising times.As a result I am creating this Birthday Fundraiser with the Aim to Raise €1,000.00 of the necessary amount to get us back on track to provide a School and Education for These Children. So any donation no matter how small would help us in our efforts for these children.