Namakaka Community School – TOUCH Ireland Project 2023

Namakaka Village is in Kapondo district in Southern Zambia

In a small clearing, around 190 children sit in a makeshift classroom of Mud Blocks and straw shelters. This was set up by the community themselves, with the resources they have. However Bush schools like Kapondo Community School provides a space for education for Children. There are no toilets, desks, or even chairs in the school.

When you look at the school it will remind you of many a school we have replaced over the last twenty years and there are still so many more. With your support we provided Food for these children. In 2023 we are now building a solid school structure here for the children. We will build a two classroom block with Storerooms and one office.

“If you wish to move mountains tomorrow, you must start by lifting stones today”—so goes an African proverb.

NAMAKAKA Community School under Construction

This is an extremely remote village in the Bush. Indeed, it is isolated for five months in the Rainy Season. It takes about 5 hours to reach in a 4X4.To transport materials in heavy trucks it takes a lot longer! Indeed, it is nearly a project in itself to get materials there. At this time we have reached the village with two lots of materials while another is on the way next week! As you know we finished the Foundation Slab in 2023 so our hope is to have the School Block opened by the time of our visit in May 2024

Our aim is always that our projects are a partnership between TOUCH Ireland, our Supporters (Funding), the Zambian Government through the Ministry of Education (Provide Teachers & School Materials where possible) and the Local Community through support in whatever way possible. It’s great to see it all working!
Video; Shows the Arrival of Materials to the site in Namakaka. https://youtu.be/woUF6pPoJF0

Foundation Slab Complete and ready to start School Block Construction


We are Getting our Team Ready for 2024

A huge thank you to all who took part in the Run a Muck 2023. It was a lovely sunny day but everyone still managed to get muddy!! Thank you all so much! The photos say it all!!

If you would like to get involved in 2024 or have any questions at all, please email hazel@touchireland.net or text/ phone: Hazel at 0876767895

Teacher House, Kandongo, Kaoma in the Western Province of Zambia

The Community School in Kandongo had catered for approximately 300 children as a result of the new School Block constructed by TOUCH Ireland. These children come from the poorest families in the area and most are HIV/Aids orphans living with their grandmother or extended family. If not for this community school they would have no chance of an education and therefore little hope for the future. Last year the Government constructed another New School Block and the number of children now attending the school has risen to over 1,000! Last year we also constructed a Teacher’s House which usually encourages the Minister of Education to allot a paid trained teacher, which happened. With this New Teacher’s House, we hope to secure another trained teacher which is now essential for the education of so many children.