Namakaka Community School – TOUCH Ireland Project 2023

Leave no child behind – You can be forgiven for thinking sometimes “is it all worth it” does anything ever change!

Well Read ON!

Access to good education is a huge problem in vast rural areas of Zambia.

In a small clearing, around 190 children sit in a makeshift classroom of Mud Blocks and straw shelters. This was set up by the community themselves, with the resources they have. However Bush schools like Kapondo Community School provides a space for education for Children. There are no toilets, desks, or even chairs in the school.

However what is surprising is the level of enthusiasm for school as children walk up to 10km from their homes in the surrounding area.

This is Evaristo Matola; he attended St. Patrick’s Community School built by TOUCH Ireland in Mapepe, Lusaka. We subsequently trained him to become a teacher.

As part of the Zambian Government’s move to employ teachers on a salary we are delighted to say Evaristo was selected. His first assignment is to Kapondo district in Southern Zambia. This is an extremely remote village in the Bush. Indeed it is isolated for five months in the Rainy Season.

When you look at the school it will remind you of many a school we have replaced over the last twenty years and there are still so many more of them! However when you stop and think how Evaristo came through with TOUCH Ireland support and now he will go forward and continue to educate other children in isolated areas, then it is surely worth it.

With your support we will provide Food for these children. In 2023 we will build a solid school structure here for the children. We will build a two classroom block with one office.

“If you wish to move mountains tomorrow, you must start by lifting stones today”—so goes an African proverb.

NAMAKAKA Community School under Construction

TOUCH Ireland Videos – Zambian Trip 2023

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Damien and Michael are making a difference?

Ghasa to Kagbeni – High in the Himalayas

Hi All, Recently Damien Ward and Michael Bourke from Naas, Kildare took part in an Ultra Marathon (50Km plus) in Nepal in Aid of TOUCH Ireland projects.As can be seen from our video the going was tough and challenging!They completed the Marathon in an amazing 5 Hours.

Well done to both of them on behalf of all the Vulnerable Children in ‘Our World’


A huge thank you to all who took part in the Run a Muck 2022:It was a lovely sunny day but everyone still managed to get muddy!!Thank you all so much!The photos say it all!!

Well Done Team TOUCH Ireland!!