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Panchkhal Area

Panchkhal is a small and wonderful village from where one can see beautiful snow covered mountains, green terraces and forest. Panchkhal has a population of (10,000) ten thousand people, consisting of different ethnic groups.

Panchkhal is also famous for pilgrims where thousands of devotees come to have holy dips

Background to the Project

After one of our visits to India, we went on to Kathmandu, Nepal to meet up with a Mr. Ram Giri. Ram is from a village 60km north of Kathmandu. His village consists of very poor people from the untouchable caste that are considered not worth even educating. Ram, having found the means to educate himself was intent on working for the people of his village to give them a better life.

He managed to secure funding from friends in Belgium to build a school in his village some years ago and this is now an example to all, of what can be done. There was considerable effort made on his part to secure the funding.

After our discussions with Ram it was decided that we would work on building a Health Centre in his village for the children and their families.

Ram with ten of his friends donate 10% of their salary to the running of the school and they will also fund the running of the Health Centre. We have also sent an Aid container to his village with supplies for the villagers, the poverty in this area is as great as any we have ever seen.

The main objective of this Project is:

To build a Health Centre that will serve the people of the villages in a 25 KM radius of Panchkhal. This will serve approx. 3000 people, in particular women and children. When we were there we met with the women’s committee that will run this project and they were very excited about it. At present their Health Centre consists of a large metal box that they carry from village to village on their backs, as there is no roads in the area only tracks. This box has only the very basic equipment for delivering babies and post natal care as well as basic First Aid equipment. We left them excited with the anticipation of things to come, that is to build their own Health Centre to care for the people in their community.

On the 25th October 2005 the centre had it’s official opening with Mr. Bhaju Ram Geri. It was an exciting day to see the facilities that the people from the villages now had in contrast to the metal box that previously operated as their Health Clinic.

The centre has  now employed one nurse and a caretaker to maintain the centre.





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