TOUCH Ghar – Kathmandu, Nepal

Background to the Project
While in Kathmandu in 2007 with our friend Ram from TOUCH Nepal we visited what would turn out to be our next project in Nepal. It was another orphanage for children left orphans as a result of the on going troubles in Nepal’s civil war. At that time the 30 children lived in two small rented rooms in the city of Kathmandu and they desperately needed a new home. It would be the perfect new project to work on because they were all crammed into these two rooms. It reminded us of two years ago with the other children in TOUCH House and the way they were before their new home. We felt if these children could some day be like the others, if they could have that security, space to play, the fresh air and a family home, it would be great.

We showed them photos on our camera of the orphanage (TOUCH House) we had just built and were explaining to them through Ram that they would have a new home like it. They gasped with excitement when they saw the mountains surrounding the house as so many of them came from the mountains and probably thought that they would never see them again. How great it would be to build them a new home in the valley with the hills all around?

We looked at some sites but the one that seemed the best was about an hour outside of Kathmandu and would be a fabulous place for a new home. The area is called Bhaktapur, the air there was fresh and clean and the mountains are all around.

TOUCH Ghar is set in the Himalayas and now is accommodates 30 children that are homeless, found on the streets or rescued from child labour.
It is the result of committed fundraising by TOUCH Ireland groups and their supporters around the country including Kildare, Dublin, Meath and Offaly. The building cost €90,000 and it took two years to build.

The official opening was held on a lovely sunny day with all the pomp and ceremony of a traditional Nepalese celebration. The children dressed in traditional costume and danced and sang for at least two hours. It was a day to remember as it was focused on the children and it was obvious that they were so happy in their new home. Previously when we met these children they were nervous, frightened and shy. Their short lives had been traumatic and they were slow to trust us. But we could see the difference now.

This Video shows the Children and their background that now live in TOUCH Ghar up to the purchase of the site for their new home.

TOUCH Ireland also has a Child Sponsorship Scheme at TOUCH Ghar.





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