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St. Michael’s Community

St. Michael’s Parish is situated off the Mumbwa Rd. on the outskirts of Lusaka, 15 minutes drive from Lusaka city centre. The houses people live in generally have one room to sleep two to eight people depending on the size of the families. There is overcrowding and a lack of sanitary facilities which is a big problem. Food is very scarce and there is a lot of sickness. Some of the young children are caring for parents and siblings in the late stages of HIV/AIDS related illnesses.
The school now offers these children a safe environment where they can receive attention, guidance and education.

 Background to the Project

  • TOUCH Ireland funded the first School Block in 2007 which was registered as St. Michael’s Community School and catered for about 500 children approx.
  • In 2010 TOUCH Ireland funded the construction of a second School Block. This accommodated a further 300 children (approx) in attending the school.
  • In 2011 TOUCH Ireland funded the construction of a Kitchen/Dining Shelter to facilitate a food programme at the school.
  • In 2013 TOUCH Ireland funded the construction of 4 Teacher Houses to help support the community and to encourage the Zambian Government to provide paid teachers.

As a result of the growing need for more space to accommodate the number of vulnerable children in the area that have started going to the school; the local management committee requested assistance from TOUCH Ireland in funding a third School Block. With great credit to the management committee they had started a 3rd Block but had struggled to find funds. TOUCH Ireland has agreed to finish this 3rd Block at a cost of €16,000.00 approx.

In July 2017 TOUCH started construction on the third School Block which is due to be finished in November. This New School Block will incorporate a Computer Room to facilitate a Computer Programme.

As a result of this new School Block St. Michael’s will be able to cater better for the amount of children seeking an education.

Here are some photos of construction on the third School Block at St. Michael’s Community School which is due to be finished in November. Materials have been brought to site and work has begun.

Work is now under way on wall construction.

At the end of August ’17 St. Michael’s School construction is moving along nicely. The walls are up and the ring beam just finished. Gable end this week and then ready for the roof.

End of September the Substructure is completed and the roof trusses are in place. Next phase will be the roof.

Of course there were also plenty of children singing and dancing, there are approx 800 children going to St. Michael’s now as a result of the input from TOUCH Ireland through its building and child sponsorship support. We have also trained 4 teachers here and they now have 23 teachers in total.
Once again thanks to TOUCH Ireland members and all our supporters another job Well Done!

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