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Project Sponsorship

“Give to one, Give to all”

Participating in Project Sponsorship will give you a link into ‘Our World’ by helping us to improve the lives of thousands of children and communities in helping them to secure their basic needs.

In conjunction with our established projects we are introducing Project Sponsorship.

There is a need for some continued revenue funding to support the running of our projects and supplementing our Child Sponsorship. We are conscious that through our sponsorship none of our projects should become reliant solely on our support, but as a result of circumstances none the less they require a certain level of assistance. For example, there is no point in building an Orphanage, School or a Children’s Drop in Centre if staff cannot be employed to run the centre or to purchase school equipment.

To ensure that projects don’t become reliant on our support we will cap the amount we provide towards funding relevant to that project. This will vary depending on the size of the specific project.

You will receive a yearly updated report on the projects funded and information on their progress. You will also receive a photograph of some of the children being assisted through your sponsorship.

What your sponsorship money will provide:

  • Medication and medical assistance
  • Food
  • Water and Electricity
  • Education
  • Clothing
  • Maintenance costs
  • Staffing to take care of the children’s support needs.

Education is often seen as a privilege; it is not, it’s a right. As it stands, approximately 57 million children are out of school worldwide.

It may seem surprising to focus on nutrition to achieve better schooling, but malnourished children learn poorly. Insuring proper nutrition at the time when brain development is occurring significantly increases the returns to schooling.

“Give to one, Give to all” would take into account all the problem of unfairness and ensure all children are supported. This will be in the spirit of equal opportunities for all.

Children should be made to be responsible for one another, and to share whatever they have in a community.

How do you sponsor a TOUCH Project and how much does it cost:

The costs vary from €5, €10 to €15 depending on your generosity.

All you have to do is fill out the TOUCH Project Standing Order (S/O) form and return it to your bank. Then fill out and return the TOUCH Project Sponsorship Form to the TOUCH Project Sponsorship coordinator. This will signal to them that the S/O has been set up and for how much.

Please print out and fill in the forms below:

S/O Form 1  Please Click

S/O Form 2  Please Click

We guarantee that all of your sponsorship money will go direct to our projects.

There will be no administration costs or any other fees deducted from your donation and we will deliver it directly to the people in charge on the ground. This ensures that the full value of your donation will go to the children.

Video on Project Sponsorship  Please Click

If you would like to sponsor TOUCH Projects please contact

For further information contact :-

Seamus Gleeson       Co-ordinator         (W) 045-874889            (M) 086-3260948

Pauline McHugh        Co-ordinator         (W) 01-4925453            (M) 087- 2652592


If you would like to make a ‘Once Off’ Donation to TOUCH Ireland Projects

  • You can donate by PayPal on the link at the Top Right of this page


  • By Cash or by Cheque made out to TOUCH Ireland

Please send your Donation to TOUCH Ireland, 17 Monread Meadows, Naas, Co. Kildare




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