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On April 25th, a devastating earthquake of enormous magnitude hit Nepal. You can help Nepal Rise Again with the Nepal appeal.

Shiva and Lina Gautam from Monty’s of Kathmandu, Restaurant, Temple Bar along with others are organising a range of fundraising activities throughout the year. The aim of moneys raised will be to build earthquake proof community centres in as many villages as finance allows. These buildings will also be used as schools, medical centres and emergency shelters.

The Group will take time to see where best the funds can be used which will ensure the maximum value and use of all funds raised.
TOUCH Ireland is teaming up with this group to assist in Fundraising, Administration and Tracking of Funds to provide the group with Transparency and Accountability. This will be done through the TOUCH Ireland Facebook A/C and people will be kept up to date with actual lodgements into this A/C and a running total.
The aim is to raise minimum of 100,000 euro in a year.
I would like to call on all members of the TOUCH Ireland Facebook Group to consider running a fundraising event to assist with this severe crisis that exists in Nepal.

It is also our hope to repair any damage to the two TOUCH Houses in Kathmandu. As we reported earlier all are safe but both houses sustained some damage.

We are delighted to announce that our first Aid Supplies have been delivered to Badarpa village of Sindhupalchowk District in Nepal.

Nepal Emergency Shelters

Attached please find letter from Anil & Tara from TOUCH House Orphanage (NCWSC) who worked with the ‘Help Nepal Rise Again’ Committee in Kathmandu.

The photos attached tell their own story of the remoteness of the area and the hardship that has befallen these gentle people.
This aid is part of the €6,000.00 that we sent out early August.

Dear brother Seamus and sister Pauline,
Yesterday we have distributed 105 bundles of tin sheet in badarpa village of sindhupalchowk district. From Kathmandu we loaded tin sheet in big container truck as it was quite heavy for small truck. From here we left early morning for sindhupalchowk. As you know it is monsoon in Nepal so we were so much worried about the rain and landslides on the way but luckily it didn’t rain much there in sindhupalchowk on that day, it rained quite lot in Kathmandu. On the way we have to face some landslides. Big landslide on the left side and the big river down the road on the right side was very dangerous but we manage to get there in the afternoon. From there we have load the tin sheet again in small 4X4 jeeps to go to Badarpa village on the top of the mountain. This was 2 and half hour drive in jeep way up in the mountain with steep roads. We took 5 jeeps to get to this village. We saw that this village has been completely damaged from the earthquake, no house were left. All the families were affected by earthquake, as it is on the high mountain and very difficult to get there. So till now no one has reached this village. The people were very happy to see us bringing the Tin sheet for them. They thanked us and they have thanked Touch Ireland and the Nepal appeal from the entire village.

During this relief fund distribution program my heart cries while meeting children who have lost their parents in earthquake. One man was saying that he was away from the house during the earthquake and his wife was working outside the house and the children were inside. The wife went inside to get the children out during earthquake. She was success to bring the children out but she died as the ceiling fell on her. She pushed the children out just before ceiling fell but could not save herself. We found so many sad stories like this. So, we are thinking to take some children from sindupalchowk district who have lost their parents in the earthquake.

Here I am sending you the pictures from yesterday. It was almost 11 p.m. when we are at home. To get to the village Barbara was very hard and difficult but we were very happy to touch people. The word Touch is really wonderful as you have told me long time ago. Touch house means touching people’s heart. Thank you brother Seamus and sister Pauline for giving me opportunity to touch the people’s heart. I am so happy to join with you to make people happy. Thank you.

Best regards,
Anil and Tara

TOUCH Ireland Nepal Earthquake Relief Program

Report November 2015

On route to Jalbire

I have just returned from Nepal after visiting TOUCH Ireland projects in the Kathmandu Valley. I went to survey the damage done to the two children’s homes that we have there and was glad to see that they had only suffered little damage. This is because when we constructed these four story houses we made sure that they were earthquake proof. It was great to see that all the children were safe and unharmed.

TOUCH Ireland is also carrying out some relief work as a result of the recent earthquake.

This is in collaboration with the Lions Club of Kathmandu.

Our aim together with Montys of Kathmandu Restaurant in Temple Bar is to raise €100,000 in a twelve month period. At this time we have raised close to €50,000 and have sent out €15,000 as emergency aid. This consisted of €6,000 sent as a result of the onset of the monsoon and the need for emergency temporary shelter to keep people out of the rains. A further €9,000 was recently sent before my visit to rebuild 20 family homes that were totally destroyed in the worst hit area of Jalbire, Sindhupalchowk. This will be achieved by using salvaged materials from the original building together with some new materials where necessary. Some houses have already been rebuilt but the process is slow due to the blockade by India there is a severe shortage of fuel and gas. As Jalbire is high into to Himalayas and only 40 Kilometers from Tibet getting materials to site is difficult and now very expensive due to the rising cost of fuel.

Early one morning I set off from Kathmandu with Birendra, Sandesh and Dinesh from the Lions Club for a very rewarding day as we traveled to Sindhupalchowk high up in the foothills of the Himalayas. It was a day of mixed emotions and experiences from the stunning scenery to the devastation caused by the recent earthquake; from the suffering of the village people and the destruction of their homes to the joy and sorry of the children.

During our trip we distributed blankets to the villagers from funds given to me by supporters of TOUCH Ireland before I left Ireland.

Into the future it is our hope to rebuild a school and a new Health Clinic in this area.

It was great to see the work that TOUCH Ireland’s Nepal Appeal is doing with the Lions Club of Kathmandu through ‘Help Nepal Rise Again’ to rebuild the villager’s homes.

Reevani’s Story – Nepal

This beautiful little girl’s name is Reevani Shrestha from Jalbire in Nepal. She lives in a mountainous village that was devastated by the recent earthquake. Her story is indicative of so many children and their plight.
The day the earthquake hit Reevani was inside her small house and her mother was outside as the world started to crumble. Her mother ran into get her as the house was collapsing but fate and time was against her so she threw her body over Reevani to save her life. However by doing so she lost her own life.
When I met Reevani she was distant and traumatised from the events of that day. I was so happy to have brought some soft toys with us to give to some children we might meet so that they could be a child again if only for a short time. Dinesh who was traveling with us and is from Reevani’s village told us that she is now within herself and very quite since the earthquake.

She was reluctant to come near me and take the toy but eventually did.
On our return some hours later we passed by the area where Reevani lives to talk to some local people. While we were their sitting Reevani reappeared and came over and sat with Dinesh across from me. Some moments later she put her hand in mine and left it there for some time. Moments like this are precious in our lives and it will stay with me for ever.
We will rebuild Reevani’s house where she will live with her mother’s sister however it will take some time to rebuild Reevani’s life.
As I said Reevani is only one of many children that have similar heart rendering stories after the earthquake.
Please help us to rebuild these children’s homes and hopefully in time the people of Nepal will help them rebuild their lives. ‘Help Nepal Rise Again’


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