Misisi Compound School Block & Food Programme


Misisi Compound School Block


Background to the Project

Misisi Compound is a shanty town, which is located in Lusaka, Zambia. Misisi has been identified as one of the five worst slums in Sub Saharan Africa. Due to a lack of resources there has been poor record keeping, but according to best estimates, there are between 80,000 and 90,000 people living in the area.

There is also a prevalence of many diseases in the area. Cholera remains a huge problem, due to a lack of clean water. The area is also prone to floods during the rainy season. Malaria is also a major issue during the warmer seasons of the year. Health problems related to poverty, such as malnutrition create huge problems in the day-to-day lives of the people.

During our trip we visited this Compound in the heart of Lusaka to see one of ‘The Cherise Foundation’ projects with George who is their project Manager. This project is a school in the middle of a compound that is badly in need of upgrading and could do with an extra new school block. We met with some of the Community members and Teachers.

This community struggles in a very dignified manner to raise their children in an extremely poor environment.

As a result of our visit TOUCH Ireland as agreed to build a new School Block in Misisi starting in 2018.


Misisi Food Programme

With funds some supporters gave us going to Zambia we set up a Food programme for Ten (10) of the poorest families designated by Cherise Foundation. We also set up a group of young professionals (Zambians) mostly trained by TOUCH Ireland. This Group will be coordinated by George from the Cherise Foundation (CMF Group – TOUCH Ireland). It is hoped that they will try to raise the funds to sustain this Food Programme.

Indeed a Challenge for these young people but how great it would be if they can succeed!

Young Zambian professionals helping the poor of their own society!

Construction Begins

We have now started to build the New School Block, Library/Kitchen & Toilets for the Vulnerable Children of Misisi Compound, here are photos of the Foundation Trenches just finished!! It is our hope with your support to have all three slabs for the buildings completed by the end of December ’18.

Misisi Project Begins!!

End of February ‘2019

Misisi Community School Block going well and on target for Official Opening on 8th May. Well done to Sylvester and his construction crew.

Official opening

The New School Block in Misisi Compound Lusaka:
The opening of the Misisi School block, Kitchen, New toilet block and Library on Wednesday 8th May was a day of Children dancing and Mothers singing. It was a lovely programme by the children. This project has been supported by TOUCH Ireland, Electric Aid and Tullamore Credit Union and the day was officiated by George Bra Gee.
This is an extremely poor compound and the new school block of two classrooms will enable more children to get an education.

We are extremely happy to have been a part of this project with the support of ElectricAid and the Tullamore Credit Union.
Considering this is deemed one of the worst slums in Sub-Saharan Africa it was an amazing achievement to complete this School in such a disadvantaged environment.
To see the lift that the new school gives the children and their community make this such a worthy project.


Misisi Food Programme Continues!

Food for disadvantaged Families and their Children

Easter Monday morning early we met Evaristo, Matilda, Mbwambo and Sylvester to buy food for the Food Programme in Misisi where we have built the new School. Matilda has been trained by TOUCH Ireland in Human Resource and Evaristo has been trained in Teaching by TOUCH Ireland. Sylvester is the TOUCH building contractor in Lusaka and Mbwambo is a new member to TOUCH Zambia.
We met with the 10 families that have been identified in need of help and distributed Mille Meale, Washing Powder, Sugar, Cooking Oil, Soap and Toothpaste to the families.

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