Ma Ma Bakita Livingstone Cheshire Home

Creating opportunities with disabled people

DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT: This will be a new project for the home, nothing exists at the moment. Ma Ma Bakita Cheshire Home in Livingstone would like to construct a Hydrotherapy centre with the above facilities attached to it. At the moment, they have a Day Centre; a Special Needs School with attached Physiotherapy Centre funded by TOUCH Ireland to meet the needs of their children at the Cheshire Homes. All social and Rehabilitation activities are done on site.

CONSTRUCTION OF A HYDROTHERAPY CENTRE: Attached to it will be a Changing room, Treatment room and Massage room

These are our objectives once the project is complete.

1. Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Children with Mobility Problems

The warm water lessens a child’s muscle and joint stiffness, and this helps to increase their range of motion. Hydrotherapy can also improve balance, motor skills, co-ordination, posture and gait, and it allows freedom of movement and independence for wheelchair users that they cannot attain on land

2. Sensory Development for Children with Learning Disabilites

Children with sensory conditions can benefit from hydrotherapy pool sessions. These children’s parents report improvement in their child’s sleeping patterns and social behaviour, and this improvement results in great enhancement to the child and their family’s quality of life.

Making of the blocks



What the centre hopes to achieve with this project

To expand and intensify their treatment for children with physical and learning disabilities from the local community of Livingstone and surrounding compounds.

The project will be located within the Cheshire home premises



Construction of pool

construction of pool building

Finishing inside of pool building

Installation of water pump and heater

Hydrotreaphy Centre opened at the Ma Ma Bakita Cheshire Home in Livingstone, Zambia – April 2012.

Bachground to the Project 

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