Kandongo Community School



Kandongo is one of the poorest communities of Mangango area in the Kaoma district of the Western Province.

Kaoma is situated in the western province of Zambia, 600 Km from Lusaka the capital city. The district would have a population of 25,000 people approx. It is a very poor area and people depend on growing their own food to survive. Their survival is very much dependent on climate and in particular the rainy season. Too little rain brings drought and starvation; too much rain brings flooding which results in loss of crops and again starvation. Put this together with the HIV/Aids crisis in Central Africa and you will begin to see just how difficult it is especially for children to survive in this environment.

Mangango is situated  approximately 50 km from Kaoma, its nearest town. Mongu is 240 km west of Mangango, Lusaka being 650 km east. Mangango is 35 km north of the main Lusaka – Mongu road.

Kandongo Community School

The community members built a shelter to prevent the small children being affected by the flooding during rainy season. Lives of smaller children were always lost in the river when flooded as they try to go to school. The shelter caters for young children in grades one and two but if a School Block is built it will cater for up to grade four. It will cater for about 200 children when finished. Then the old shelter can be used as a rural centre for children’s health that is usually carried out once a monthly by Ministry of Health.

The nearest school that is not affected by the flooding is about 15km away.

TOUCH Ireland after visiting the area in May 2017 agreed to fund the construction of a three (3) Classroom Block with a Storeroom and Office. This will cost €25,000.00 approx.

This will be constructed by TOUCH Zambia based in Kaoma which is a local organisation set up by TOUCH Ireland.

Fundraising for this project has now commenced and we hope to start as soon as funds become available and before the start of the rainy season in October.

Update August ’17 TOUCH Zambia Chairperson monitoring molding of blocks at Kandongo community school.

Update end of August ’17

At the Kandongo School Project the footing is now complete. The next stage will be constructing the Slab which will be the base for the whole School Block. Well done to all the workers.

In August the Slab was completed. The next stage will be construction of the substructure.

Substructure under construction in October.

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