Jalbire Water Project


Background to the project

This is the latest project to be funded by ‘Help Nepal Rise Again’ in conjunction with TOUCH Ireland and the Lions Club of Kathmandu. Jalbire district is a five hour journey from the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu.

To date together we have rebuilt 27 Family homes that were destroyed by the earthquake, built a new school block and started a child sponsorship scheme in Jalbire.

Jalbire Water Project 2017

As Jalbire is high up in the Himalayas people have to travel long distances to get a clean source of drinking water. The recent earthquake has made this a much more difficult task as it cut off or destroyed several mountain springs.

People living on the ridges and hill slopes of Jalbire have limited access to water for drinking and agriculture. Throughout the mountain region, springs are reported to be drying and mountain agriculture has suffered from drought. The shortage of water has placed an increasing burden on mountain communities, particularly on women.

Nepal is extremely rich with water, with numerous rivers and the rains of the monsoon. Yet more than a quarter of the 30 million population have no access to safe drinking water. In the Himalayan foothills seasonal water shortages and lack of a safe local water supply nevertheless affect most people.

This Water Project will provide the local people of Jalbire with a permanent source of safe drinking water.

The two Water Resvoirs are now completed and Capped and ready for piping down the mountain side to the village.

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