Reconstruction of Family Homes Sindhupalchowk District


 Sindhupalchowk District

This is in collaboration with the Lions Club of Kathmandu.

€9,000 was recently sent to rebuild 20 family homes that were totally destroyed in the worst hit area of Jalbire, Sindhupalchowk. This will be achieved by using salvaged materials from the original building together with some new materials where necessary. Some houses have already been rebuilt but the process is slow due to the blockade by India there is a severe shortage of fuel and gas. As Jalbire is high into to Himalayas and only 40 Kilometres from Tibet getting materials to site is difficult and now very expensive due to the rising cost of fuel.

Update on Reconstruction of Family Homes in Nepal.
From: Birendra Dawadi

Dear Seamus / Shiva
Here is an update on the Reconstruction works
1. Dil Bahadur Khadka- Completed
2. Ganga Kumari Khatri – Completed
3. Hari Bahadur Khadka – Completed
4. Jaya Bahadur Khadka- Completed
5. Krishna Bahadur Khadka – Work – In – Progress
6. Krishna Bahadur Thapa – Work – In – Progress
7. Laxman Khadka- Completed
8. Padam Bahadur Shrestha – Work – In – Progress
9. Ram Thapa -Completed
10. Sujan Khadkha – Completed
11. Tanka Bahadur Khadka – Completed (Tanka & Shiva have attached house)
12. Shiva Khadka – Completed (Tanka & Shiva have attached house)
13. Uttar Kumari Thapa – Completed

Apart from these, we already had completed house of Reevani (Bal Bahadur Shrestha).
With the budget we have, we are projecting to rebuild more than 21 houses. We are encouraging people to use old materials which they already have.
Best regards, Birendra Dawadi

Effectiveness of the program

1.      Before the program, families were living in a shelter covered by plastic sheets leaving children & elderly exposed to cold weather. At least now they are safe from this vulnerability.

2.    Either we can say it is a way of life, lack of education or lack of employment opportunities , most of men in that region  spend time drinking alcohol while women do all the chores along with farming work. This program had to some extend made them busy to rebuild their abode.

3.     Local people earned some money as laborers which helped them run their family.

Constraints while implementing program

1.     There was acute shortage of fuel and other commodities because of economic blockade.  Daily rising price and scarcity severely hampered the program.  We could have done more houses in a lesser span of time, if the country was in a normal situation. Even our regular visit to the place was heavenly expensive. Especially transportation cost was almost 3 folds in comparison to normal time.

2.     The houses we rebuilt are in a vicinity of 5-6 hours of walk. So it was difficult for us to visit each and every house to expedite the work.  This is also a reason for a delay in work.

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