Jalbire New School Block


Sindhupalchowk District

This is in collaboration with the Lions Club of Kathmandu.

On the 15/2/16 we transferred €16,015.00 for Jalbire School Block
This is for the construction of a new School Block in Jalbire This will replace the one that was completely destroyed by the Earthquake last year.

In Jalbire, Nepal our friends Birendra, Sandesh and Dinesh from the Lions Club of Kathmandu are well underway with the construction of a new school block funded by the ‘Help Nepal Rise Again’ through TOUCH Ireland. As can be seen from the photos a fine new school block is under construction on the side of a mountain in the Himalayas.

Visit to Jalbire November 2017

On a Monday morning in November 2017 at 08.30am we headed off on our long journey to Jalbire, Sindhupalchowk with Dinesh, Birendra and Sandesh from the Lions Club of Kathmandu. It was a beautiful day and the scenery was breathtaking. We stopped along the way to buy some toys and warm winter coats for the children.
We arrived after a 5 hour journey and first stopped to see the School rebuilt by ‘TOUCH Ireland’ and ‘Help Nepal Rise Again’ We saw some of the children in the school and gave out some toys and sweets of course. They were so happy and a little shy but were full of smiles with the gifts we had brought with us for them.
We then went walking for about an hour through the hills to meet the children on the child sponsorship scheme. We are supporting 20 children from the area following the devastating earthquake in 2015. A lot of these children also go to the New School.
It was great to see them all and they were all looking so happy and healthy. Dinesh and Sandesh distributed the new coats after we took the child sponsorship photos. It was great to see them smile with their lovely new warm winter coats on.

We left Jalbire and headed back on the long journey to Kathmandu. Our day was really lovely and reinforced our commitment to the children in Jalbire especially when we could see how the effort of our fundraising makes such a difference. Thanks again to Dinesh, Birendra and Sandesh from the Lions Club of Kathmandu working with TOUCH Ireland.


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