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Nepal Appeal ‘Help Nepal Rise Again’

Water Project Alkatar.

This is a project with ‘Help Nepal Rise Again’ through TOUCH Ireland


Gorkha District is a part of Province No. 4 and is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal. It is connected historically with the creation of the modern Nepal and the name of the legendary Gorkha soldiers. The district, has Gorkha Nagarpalika as its district headquarters.

Alkatar Village is situated at 40 km north of the District Headquarter Gorkha Nagarpalika. It is small and remote village. The major occupation is agriculture. Soil is fertile and surrounded by lush forest. The Villagers survive on farming such as Rice, corn, potatoes etc. This farming is not commercial but just for survival.

After the earthquake the major source of drinking water has drained. People are facing acute shortage of drinking water.

Plan for Alkatar Water Project

This will entail the construction of a small water reservoir (tank) at river and then the construction of a bigger reservoir at an open space in the village. Water will then be channeled from river to the village.

From the central reservoir in the village water will be distributed to five taps at different locations throughout the village. This will provide good drinking water for all the villagers throughout the year.

Water Project well under construction late 2016

TOUCH Ireland visit to Alkatar

On Wednesday at 04.00 am we left Kathmandu with Bishnu and Dinesh to travel to Alkatar, Gorkha and visit the Water Project.
We arrived In Alkatar after a 7 hour drive over difficult terrain including a landslide. We then had to start our climb into the hills to see the water tap sites erected around the hills and villages.
We visited Bishnu’s family where we were met with garlands of marigolds and Tikka’s. We were welcomed with cups of tea, fruit and kindness. After a short rest we climbed further into the hills to see the local villagers and where another tap is situated. Our welcome was repeated with garlands, more tea and kindness. The children were given gifts brought from home and toys we purchased in Kathmandu. It was great to feel part of the local Nepalese culture.
We came away feeling that this is a very good project and will benefit a lot of families, ensuring that they have safe drinking water.

This project was completed mid 2017and now provides good drinking water for all the villagers throughout the year. I must say it is an amazing project and in an amazing area. Well done to ‘Help Nepal Rise Again’ and TOUCH Ireland.


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