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If you are interested in doing a fundraiser for TOUCH Ireland take a look at some of the ideas below or contact one of our Group coordinators to discuss a possible fundraising event.

Fundraising ideas

There are hundreds of ways to raise money.

There are hundreds of ways to raise money. The trick is to choose a fundraising event that doesn’t take too much time, money or effort to organise. We decided to put our heads together and came up with 21 ideas to get you started:

  • Dress-down/casual day
    If you go to a school/college or workplace that requires a uniform, have a day on which everyone can wear casual clothes. Charge each student who wants to participate a small fee. Make sure that you get permission from your school principal first.
  • ‘At the Carwash’
    Organise a school car wash. Dress up in wigs and costumes and charge teachers and staff for each car you wash. If some teachers agree, get them to participate in a water fight to finish the event!
  • Band Fest (Rock Against Racism)
    Get the support of some bands from your local area. Book a venue and advertise with posters and flyers. Hold a mini-concert in which the audience chooses the winning band and have a cover charge on the door.
  • Fashion Show
    Have local businesses lend seasonal clothes, which can be modelled to young and old alike at a fashion show where proceeds benefit your cause.
  • Big Match Night
    Look up the Irish teams’ or the English Premiership fixture calendar and pick a midweek match between 2 popular teams. Organise a venue and big screen in your school/college/youth centre and invite supporters along. You might also provide light snacks and refreshments for a cover charge and raffle a sponsored jersey or run a ‘guess the time of the first goal’ competition to raise even more money.
  • Sponsored Walk
    Choose a date and a route and try and get your school/college/youth group involved. Make up pledge forms and advertise with posters. Have everyone who wants to participate gather donations from students, family and neighbours.
  • Movie Night
    Rent a movie that everyone will enjoy and if possible organise a projector or big screen to show it on. You might also provide light snacks and a drink for a charge or donation on the door.
  • Newsletter or Magazine
    Create a newsletter or magazine and use it to inform fellow students or the wider community about your cause. Make sure the publication has a good mix of sport, music and entertainment so that you can sell it for a small fee and raise funds.
  • Lunchtime Cabaret
    Organise a short lunchtime performance in your school/college. You can get a group to perform a short comedy sketch and have singers and musicians perform. Promote the event in advance and charge a small entrance fee.
  • Five-a-side Soccer Tournament
    This requires some big organising but can be well worth it if you get your school/college/youth club on board. You can organise a cup and shield and get two trophies sponsored. Each team who wishes to enter can be charged an entrance fee.
  • A Close Shave
    Find someone who is willing to have his hair or beard shaved off in front of the entire school/college/office if your group reaches a set-funding goal.
  • Craft Sale
    Organise through your school/college to make arts and crafts to sell. You can also ask local crafts people to donate some off their work. Hold your craft fair in college or in a shopping mall or both!
  • Spring Clean
    Organise a Spring Litter Clean Up around your school/college/local area and get businesses or individuals to give a set donation for each bin liner full of rubbish you collect. You can contact An Taisce or your local council to organise gloves and bags.
  • World Food Night

This is a great way to link up with migrant workers, refugees or asylum seeker groups in your area. Organise a hotel or school/college venue and get traditional and world musicians to perform. You can charge an entrance fee at the door or sell tickets and promote through your local media.

  • Swim-a-thon
    If you’re big into swimming you could organise sponsorship for the number of laps you or a group swim. Get the pool owners to help out by allowing you or a group free admission on the day of your event.
  • Guess the pot of cash
    Fill a large glass jar with coins, big and small. Get family and friends to help fill it. The winner who guesses the nearest sum receives the pot of cash and your group can raise funds charging people for guessing.
  • Bag packing
    Ask a local supermarket if you can bag customer’s groceries for donations. Be certain to make up a big sign by the check out saying what the donations are for and wear the same t-shirts or wigs and crazy costumes!
  • Valentine’s Day Cards
    Get a group to make weird and wonderful Valentine’s Day cards with short funny poems and sell to fellow students, teachers or lecturers for a set charge.
  • Cake Sale
    Have everyone bake biscuits, cakes and buns and sell them at lunch to hungry customers. You can ask family members to help out but don’t tell them we suggested that!

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