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TOUCH Ireland Food Programmes

We also run Food Programmes at several Projects

There is a need for some continued revenue funding for Food Support at some of our projects and Child Sponsorship Schemes. These programmes are carried by volunteers on the ground.

Poor children are enrolling and staying in school, enticed by the daily meals they receive. This motivates parents to enroll their children and encourage the students to remain there.

‘They become better students’

Children are the future scientists and economists who will usher Nations to prosperity, But on empty stomachs, they become easily distracted and have problems concentrating on their schoolwork. They become better students when their bodies are well nourished and healthy. The incentive of getting a meal also reduces absenteeism. Most significantly, performance improves and drop-out rates decrease.

Poor nutrition is a big problem in several countries where TOUCH Ireland is operating. The economies declined leaving many with little to eat. Farming was weakened further by the arid and wet conditions. Most people are subsistence farmers — struggling to grow enough maze, groundnuts, millet and beans to feed their families.

Providing a meal at school is a simple but concrete way to give poor children a chance to learn and thrive.

We support the following Food Programmes:

Sepo Food Programme – Kaoma, Zambia
Daysprings Food Programme – Kitwe, Zambia
Namalazi School Food Programme – Mangango, Zambia
Kalundu School Food Programme – Mangango, Zambia
Whisper Centre Food Programme – Mongu, Zambia
Mapepe School Farm Programme – Lusaka, Zambia
Chilanga School Farm Programme – Mangango, Zambia
Luckamantano Village Farm Project – Pemba, Zambia
St. Francis Nutrition Centre – Chipapa, Lusaka
Sanghamitta Seba Sangha Orphanage – Bandarban, Bangladesh
Misisi Food Programme – Lusaka, Zambia

The benefits are also felt by poor households that are now relieved of having to scratch for food.

The benefits are also felt by poor households that are now relieved of having to scratch for food.

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