TOUCH Ireland Education Grant Scheme

In some parts of the world children go to school everyday and this is their normal life. But in other parts of the world there are children who are starved of an education due to poverty and lack of support. Every child has the right to a quality education as it is the passport to their future. TOUCH Ireland is helping to give children an education and helping to bridge the gap between cultures, helping children to play an equal part in their society.


 Aspects to TOUCH Ireland Third Level Grant Scheme
  • TOUCH Ireland Grant Scheme
  • Monty’s Education Bursary: Educating Children in Nepal
  • Fate Education Bursary: Educating Children in Zambia
  • The Joan McEvoy Education Bursary



These Grant schemes and Bursaries facilitate children to further their education. Professional or skills training is offered to students from our projects in Zambia, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka following an application to our Grant scheme.





To date we have successfully funded training in Teaching, Nursing, IT & Computers, Agricultural Management, Science Degree, General Management Training and Chartered Accountancy, Pharmacist and HR Management.





Not all our applicants need a profession, we have managed to train a girl in hairdressing, sponsored driving lessons where the candidate now drives his own taxi. Some have done computer courses and tailoring.



These courses are easily attainable with a small amount of money so any donation no matter how small can make a huge difference to these children.




We also sponsor a number of exceptional children moving into Secondary school throughout Zambia as they have lost their sponsors.

‘Education does not end at any point in our lives: it is an ongoing journey to be carried with us everyday throughout our lives’ Thomas Powell.


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