Chipapa Training Centre Extension


In April 2009, TOUCH Ireland funded the construction of a Skills Training Centre for the Youth/Women in Chipapa Village, Chilanga, Zambia This gave the poor and marginalized Youths/Women a chance for a dignified livelihood in their society.

Stand-Alone Extension Chipapa Training Centre.

The initial Training centre has been very successful in enabling a lot of women (young and mature) to qualify in Tailoring such that now there is a need to create an income generating project associated with it. This will allow some of these women earn a living and enable them to take care of their families.
The younger girls that are trained have the ability to move away from Chipapa for work as they are not trying to support their own families. It is the women with young families and no husband/partner to support their children, which this project will greatly assist.

When completed this project will provide the following:
A stand alone building which has one large room for tailoring; a second room for storage and a third room for a sales outlet, and it has two toilets, male and female.

TOUCH Ireland is now funding a stand alone extension to this Training Centre.

October 2016

Work has begun on the Extension at Chipapa Training Centre. Photos show materials being brought on site. This week the foundations were laid.

December 2016

You can see from the photos that the construction is well under way. It is hoped to be finished early in 2017.

March 2017

The roof is now finished and plastering has commenced this week. Beam filling is in progress. Plaster will finish next week. We are now procuring electrical supplies to install the electricity to the building.
It is our hope that the building will be finished and ready for hand over on 24th April as TOUCH Ireland visit Chipapa on our annual trip to Zambia.

April 17

On Monday 24th April we travelled the 10Km into the bush to Chipapa Skills Training Centre to open the Tailoring extension to the centre, this was originally funded by the Kildare Women’s Network and built by TOUCH Ireland in 2008/2009. The extension to the Tailoring consists of a manufacturing room, shop (to sell goods made) and store room.

Although it was only 10Km it took almost an hour to travel as the dirt track (not road) was really bad as a result of the rainy season. There were gullies and holes that bumped us around the place. We were lucky to have a good driver!
We arrived safely and were greeted by a mix of Tailoring and Food Nutrition students at the centre with singing and speeches. After the handing over of the new building the Sisters invited us all to lunch. It was a lovely day and great to see the centre doing so well.
TOUCH Ireland is sponsoring two students at the centre for the Food Nutrition course as part of our 3rd level education grant scheme. The money for these students was raised at Fate Chinese Restaurant, Naas on 24th March.

Well done to all of TOUCH Ireland and It’s supporters ‘Job Well Done’


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