Background to the project



The project is located within the Cheshire home premises. The economy in the country has of late gone down; we don’t even get any funding from the government for our programmes to run and intended projects in plan. The home offers the following services and activities:-

Teaching of self care skills (survival skills and vocational Training opportunities

  • Physical exercises (physiotherapy)
  • Help to prevent and improve nutritional status of malnourished children through Health preventive Education talks and distribution of donated foodstuffs.
  • Provision of mobility aids and appliances by purchasing them or donated one.
  • Training of local volunteers and caregivers in Rehabilitation skills.
  • Facilitate enrolment of retarded and physical disabled children in other special unit schools and mainstream schools.
  • Refer and meet surgical operation cost done in Lusaka at the Zambian – Italian hospital.
  • Support families financially, in self reliant projects by asking for funding from Donors, local business people and NGOs.

It is difficulty for these disabled children to acquire mobility aids and appliances or undergo surgical operations because most of them are orphans and their caregivers are unemployed. Therefore they even struggle to find money to meet their basic daily needs making it even more impossible to get these children in schools because of our economical situation. It has been difficulty even to get finances to carry our some surgical operations for they are done outside Livingstone in Lusaka and once they are operated upon, they are expected to be back for reviews every after a month.

With the construction of our Special Needs School and Physiotherapy Room this has greatly helped our situation in working with these disabled children


Sr. Agnes Daka with one of the children from the centre


The head of Home will be the overall responsible person

for this project with a full participation and support of the

executive. She will be reporting to the Donor, Regional

andsub regional offices for Cheshire Homes.

Sr. Agnes Daka

Head of Home

Ma Ma Bakita Cheshire Home

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