Background to the Project


Mazabuka Special Needs Centre

The Mazabuka Association for the Disabled was established in 1988.

The association now provides many essential services for the disabled people of Mazabuka and its hinterland.

The Associations services include medical, physical and educational assistance. There are weekly physiotherapy workshops for the children. Mobile eye clinics cater for people who cannot get to a hospital. Crutches and wheelchairs are donated to those in need, improving their lives dramatically. The programme helps many children receive the surgical procedures they require. The sensitization workshops and the sign language and Braille classes are a wonderful support to parents and carers. Unfortunately due to a lack of understanding many disabled people were kept hidden from society. However the workshops and classes have raised awareness among the community about the dignity and respect people with disability so rightly deserve. Most parents are now willing to send their disabled children to school and also avail of the various programmes on offer.

The Special Educational Unit at Mazabuka Basic School has 3 classrooms and 67 children on roll. These pupils have a wide range of disabilities. The teachers do their best but the unit lacks many of the essential elements required for this specialised educational environment. The moderate and severely disabled children cannot be facilitated and so are deprived of an education.

However this unit is not always available and other school activities take precedence over special education.

Due to the efforts of the Mazabuka Association the construction of a new school is no longer a dream but a reality as a site has been acquired and some funding from different agencies promised.


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