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TOUCH Ireland was launched in July 2003. We are trying to be different in that all the money we raise goes directly to our projects. How many times have you asked yourself when you give a donation to a charity how much of it goes to the actual project and how much goes to administration or other costs. This means that we pay no salaries and try to support our running cost and our office through a dedicated fundraising event. This allows all financial donations made by the public and other groups to go directly to our projects where they want the full benefit of their donations to go.

We have set up groups of people voluntarily fundraising for our projects.

Each Touch Group is a stand-alone Group with it’s own Bank Account. A small Central Group (TOUCH Executive Body) coordinates and oversees the administration, financial and progress of all Group project.
However at times of world disasters such as famine or natural disasters, our groups may decide to come together to form a cohesive response.
Our groups are of everyday people coming together and linking into a dedicated project, this allows a connection to evolve between them and the people benefiting from that project.
We now have groups in Dublin, (Harold’s Cross), Kildare (Naas), Offaly (Tullamore), Meath (Trim), Cork (Cork City), Education Group, Construction Group (Kildare & Leitrim), Shannon Side Group (Leitrim & Roscommon), Derry Group and a Central Group in Dublin, which operates, as our controlling body. There is also the beginning of a new Group in Galway as we are doing a project in Zambia with people there. We also have individual projects in Africa for the Naas Pastoral Council, Members of the Law Library of Ireland, the ACC Bank, ISS recruitment (Naas) and the Kildare Network Branch of Network Ireland.

We now have over 60 projects in Zambia, Cameroon, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and Brazil.

Countries of Operation

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