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TOUCH Ireland Nepal Appeal – Help Nepal Rise Again

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On April 25th, a devastating earthquake of enormous magnitude hit Nepal. You can help Nepal Rise Again with the Nepal appeal.

Shiva and Lina Gautam from Monty’s of Kathmandu, Restaurant, Temple Bar along with others are organising a range of fundraising activities throughout the year. The aim of moneys raised will be to build earthquake proof community centres in as many villages as finance allows. These buildings will also be used as schools, medical centres and emergency shelters. The Group will take time to see where best the funds can be used which will ensure the maximum value and use of all funds raised.

TOUCH Ireland is teaming up with this group to assist in the Administration and Tracking of Funds to provide the group with Transparency and Accountability. This will be done through the TOUCH Ireland Facebook A/C and people will be kept up to date with actual lodgements into this A/C and a running total.

The aim is to raise minimum of 100,000 euro in a year.

I would like to call on all members of the TOUCH Ireland Facebook Group to consider running a fundraising event to assist with this severe crisis that exists in Nepal. It is also our hope to repair any damage to the two TOUCH Houses in Kathmandu. As we reported earlier all are safe but both houses sustained some damage.

Our present Project is a Water Scheme in Jalbire to provide clean drinking water to the people of the area.

Click on image above to find out more about this project.

Your Support is vital in supporting TOUCH Ireland’s response to this crisis.

To see completed projects click on the links below

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By Cheque made out to TOUCH Ireland or by Cash

Please send your Donation to TOUCH Ireland,

17 Monread Meadows, Naas, Co. Kildare.

Nepal Visit Click photo to see video2016 by Director of TOUCH Ireland

The following video is of the recent visit to Jalbire Village in Nepal to see the situation on the ground and the conditions that the local people have to deal with everyday.


TOUCH Ireland Present Construction Projects

Kandongo Community School, Mangango, Kaoma, Zambia

Click on photo for an update on the progress on this project.

Recently completed St. Bridget’s Community school Block

“Our World – Our Responsibility”

TOUCH Ireland focus is on vulnerable children in “Our World”. We use the term “Our World” as opposed to “Third World” or “Developing World”. We feel this terminology allows people to believe that the problem is not ours and therefore not our responsibility. But we feel that if everyone does something regardless of what level they are at then we can significantly help these children. We don’t think we are going to change the world but even if we help only one child then it has to be worth our effort.

TOUCH Ireland Ethos

All children have a right to food, shelter, education and basic care.

We believe that all people regardless of race, religion, sex or status in society are equal and entitled to the basic needs to survive and develop.

 TOUCH Ireland guarantees the following

All your funds raised will go directly to the project and there will be no administration costs deducted from your donation.

  • TOUCH Ireland will take care of all administration for delivery of funding and follow-up with the project.
  •  TOUCH Ireland will visit the project once a year and send it’s own report with pictures on progress of the project.

The Aim Of TOUCH Ireland

The aim of Touch Ireland through its projects is primarily to keep people alive and instil hope for the future. It is always our intention that communities do not become reliant on us. They are encouraged and supported to provide for their own community when they are in a position to do so. Local people in their own country manage all projects. At all times their ideals, culture and customs are respected.



Some children are living in despair but each one of us can make a difference.

Millions of children worldwide grow up trapped in poverty, fear or despair; their lives broken by abuse, war, HIV/Aids, homelessness or the loss of their parents. But these children don’t need pity. They need physical and emotional security and the chance to fulfil their potential.

We are supporting children orphaned by HIV/Aids and poverty related illnesses and ensuring they get an care/education. We are caring for children who have been abandoned by their families and helping to restore their lives. We are supporting children with physical and learning disabilities to receive services. We are helping orphans and street children get an education. We are bringing childhood back to these children.

TOUCH Ireland is a totally voluntary organisation and 100% of your support will go to the children

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