TOUCH Ireland – A Totally Voluntary Charity Working for Children in ‘Our World’

TOUCH Ireland started by sending out an Aid Container to Zambia during the famine in 1998. Our sole aim at that time was to keep children alive!

As we progressed we started building projects such as Schools, Children’s homes, Shelters for Food Programmes.

We were beginning to grow into an organisation but we wanted to try to be different! We wanted to create an organisation where all the money that was raised for the children and projects went to the children.

This was never going to be an easy task!


Today TOUCH Ireland has grown into a totally VOLUNTARY organisation where no salaries are paid to anyone involved and 100% of funds raised for our projects go to our projects. We have now over 100 projects in Zambia, Cameroon, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Brazil.


Our approach now is a holistic one involving local people in their own communities working with us.

We go on as we started trying to keep children alive and continue with our construction projects. However we have also learned the value of Education and Food support to children to enable them to learn.

We carry out our work in a practical manner through the following ways:

  1. Education Grant Scheme
  2. Child Sponsorship which enables Primary & Secondary School Education
  3. Food Programmes
  4. Construction Projects
  5. Aid Containers



Our commitment is to enable children to continue with Higher Secondary & Third Level Education or Skills Training Courses



Sponsorship provides: Medication and medical assistance, Food, Education, Clothing and Staffing to take care the children.





Poor children are enrolling and staying in school, enticed by the daily meals they receive. This motivates parents to enroll their children and encourage the students to remain there.




Construction is by local builders which helps support the local economy as well as providing necessary facilities such as Schools, Clinics, Food Shelters, Training Centres and Water Projects.






We identify, source, collect, sort and distribute aid supplies according to the needs of our supported projects and their communities.



This has all been achieved with a totally voluntary work force which makes everyone involved extremely proud of our efforts.



On April 25th, a devastating earthquake of enormous magnitude hit Nepal. You can help Nepal Rise Again with the Nepal appeal.



If you feel you would like to be part of or contribute in any way! to any area of what we are doing Please contact us.



 Make a Donation to TOUCH Ireland

You can donate by PayPal on the link at the Top Right of this page.

By Cheque made out to TOUCH Ireland or by Cash

Please send your Donation to TOUCH Ireland,

17 Monread Meadows, Naas, Co. Kildare.

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